Saturday, August 16, 2014

Samsung NP900X4D For Windows 7 Free Driver Download Complete

Samsung NP900X4D Free Driver Download 

Samsung NP900X4D

Samsung NP900X4D Review : 
The Samsung NP900X4D is the first laptop Hardware.Info has tested with Microsoft's new operating system. It's the standard version, not the Pro one. Windows 8 won’t receive a review here, but it stands out how pleasant the user experience is on this laptop. The Series 9 laptop does not feature a touchscreen, so this is primarily due to the smart touchpad. The large touchpad basically works the same as how you would interact with Windows 8 on a touchscreen. If you move your finger along the right side of the touchpad, the charms will appear on-screen, and other gestures also feel familiar to the Windows 8 touchscreens. 
The hardware inside the Samsung NP900X4D is similar to that of the smaller 13.3-inch Series 9. The designers could have taken the easy road and used the same motherboard, which you could suspect when looking at the specs. The NP900X4D has 4 GB DDR3-1600 TSM and an Intel Core i5 3317U. When you open up the laptop you see that the motherboard is indeed different.

Free Download Driver Samsung NP900X4D for Windows 7 : 
Lan ver.7.50.1123.2011 Windows 7 
Rapid Storage ver. Windows 7 
Rapid Start Technology ver.   Windows 7 
HECI ver. Windows 7  
Chipset ver. Windows 7  
Bluetooth ver. Windows 7 
Sound Audio ver. Windows 7 
Touchpad ver. Windows 7 
USB 3.0 ver. Windows 7
USB 3.0 Firmware ver. Windows 7  
Wireless LAN ver. Windows 7 
VGA Graphics ver. Windows 7 
Wireless LAN ver. Windows 7 
VGA Graphics ver. Windows 7    

Free Download Drivers Samsung Complete