Monday, August 11, 2014

Samsung NP900X4C for Windows 7 Free Driver Download Complete

Samsung NP900X4C Free Driver Download

Samsung NP900X4C

Samsung NP900X4C Review :
The 15-inch NP900X4C bears a strong family resemblance to the smaller 13.3-inch version. The “4″ in the model number indicates that Samsung considers it to be the equivalent of 14-inch notebooks rather than those with the larger 15.6-inch displays. In reality, the width is in the same range as the older 15.4"inch notebooks (see, for example, my review of the Samsung X60) and the height (and pixel size) is about the same as on a 14.1″ 1440 x 900 pixel display but an inch wider.  
The whole machine (with the exception of some plastic between the hinges where the antennae are located) is built from aluminium alloy. The main chassis is very rigid and, while it is possible flex the display slightly, one has to push very hard to cause ripples on the screen.

Free Download Driver Samsung NP900X4C for Windows 7 :
VGA Graphics ver.   Windows 7 
Wireless LAN ver.  Windows 7
VGA(Graphics) ver.  Windows 7 
Wireless LAN ver.  Windows 7
Bluetooth ver.  Windows 7 
Chipset ver.  Windows 7
HECI  ver.  Windows 7 
Rapid Start Technology ver.   Windows 7
Rapid Storage ver. Windows 7 
Lan ver.7.50.1123.2011 Windows 7
Sound(Audio) ver. Windows 7
Touchpad  ver.  Windows 7 
USB 3.0  ver. Windows 7 
USB 3.0 Firmware ver. Windows 7 

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